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Mission Statement

The law firm of Woodward Law Offices, LLP is dedicated to excellence in legal representation. At Woodward Law Offices, LLP we believe that excellence in legal representation is achieved through devotion to quality, efficiency, and frank communication with our clients. Woodward Law Offices, LLP seeks to distinguish itself from other law firms in three respects: first, by offering outstanding legal services in certain focus areas; second, by structuring fees that are founded upon efficiency of work and informed decisions by the client; and, third, by communicating with the client in a timely and candid manner regarding all pending legal matters. Unlike many law firms, Woodward Law Offices, LLP does not attempt to provide an unlimited array of legal services to every client that comes in contact with the firm. Instead, the attorneys at Woodward Law Offices, LLP limit their practice to core practice areas allowing them to deliver quality legal services in an efficient manner.