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Estate Planning & Probate

The prospect of creating an estate plan is one thing that people tend to ignore. However, an estate plan is something which everyone should have whether it be simple or complex. Even though there may be no inheritance taxes due at the time of death, everyone has the right to determine where their property should go after they are gone. In some cases, the only thing that will be needed is a simple will, a durable power of attorney, an advanced medical directive and a living will. In other cases, a complex trust or will which takes advantage of certain federal estate tax provisions will have to be prepared. In each case, estate planning can be crafted which meets the ultimate desires of the client. On occasion, an estate plan may need to be modified to reflect changes in life circumstances or changes in tax laws. If probating an estate is necessary, we are able to assist you and guide you through the probate process and finalize matters in accordance with the estate plan that has been put into effect, a will, or applicable statutory laws.

If you have an inquiry concerning an estate planning or a probate matter, you may contact one of our attorneys.